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Advocacy Day Angels

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Individuals from across Texas are gathering to meet with our legislators and GALA is partnering with DFW organizations* to mobilize LGBTQA advocates. Critical to this effort is the financial support that we receive from our Advocacy Day Angels who are generously underwriting expenses such as chartering motor coaches, feeding attendees, and printing training materials.

We are committed to filling 8 motor coaches with over 400 North Texan equality advocates. You can help us make this possible by becoming an Advocacy Day Angel. Click below for more info on becoming an Advocacy Day Angel and/or attending "All In For Equality" Advocacy Day in Austin is available

Thank You to our Advocacy Day Angels

Mike McKay

Jennifer Campisi

Christine Crockett Smith

Robert Straka

Glenn Cron Wendi & Valerie Hollenbeck-Loyet

David Hearn

Dave Steinman & Donna Bender

Neelam Math

Jim Hertwig & John Perez

Henry Jimenez

Sandy Anderson, Anderson & Associates Financial, LLC

Taleen Savant

Radha and K. Shenoy

Mark Barfield Bob Shimmin & Ramon Ponce add your name to our list today

*event co-sponsors: Cathedral of Hope, Coalition for Aging LGBT, Stonewall Democrats, ACLU Texas, Texas Freedom Network, Transgender Education Network of Texas, Human Rights Campaign, and Equality Texas.

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